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From Gut Feeling to Success Story – Contus in Spotlight



Contrary to the startup culture where securing the first round of funding and moving to Silicon Valley is the norm, Contus is a Think-Different story. The company grounded in Indian soil has taken form as a digital transformations company that is propelled by the might of SMAC technology.


Paving a Success Road with Digital Transformation


From day one, the 6 member founding team was hell bent on building a company based on a validated and self-sufficient business model that revolved around digital transformation. They had so much faith and trust in their business idea that they pooled in all private funds from personal savings and launched Contus without waiting for external funding.

Contus laid its own road to success by taking the digital transformation route. Digital transformation, the digital-age buzzword was in its nascent stages when Contus entered the scene. Armed with experience and expertise in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technologies, Contus ( ) did not take much time to make an impact.

The First Breakthrough Before Many

Contus tasted success with its very first product in 2008 – HD Flv player. It was a custom-built multi-format video player that had a refreshing interface and experience compared to the flash players of those days. The returns from the product was ploughed back into new products and services.

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Unlike most tech corporations that focus on either product or service, Contus followed a bilateral product-service strategy. Alongside its product development operations, the company also expanded its service portfolio. Mobile app development, Cloud solutions, eCommerce and web app development were added to its arsenal.

With cloud, mobile, web and analytics under its ambit, Contus was soon able to gain a foothold in the digital transformation space. Gradually the company inked deals with global brands to create mobile apps on futuristic technology like BLE 4.0, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, etc.

Challenges Confronted and Conquered


However, everything was not a smooth ride for Contus. Marketing and outreach proved to be an insurmountable challenge. But, the Think-Different approach of the leadership team explored the possibilities of inbound marketing. Harnessing the power of digital marketing, Contus started generating leads.

Eventually, the challenge of marketing become a strategic advantage for Contus. Today, the company relies on inbound marketing entirely for lead generation and business development.

With time, the company launched a sleuth of products ranging from readymade software solutions for instant messaging, mobile commerce app development, video on demand platform and omni channel retail commerce management. Contalog ( – a tailor-made omnichannel eCommerce solution and Apptha ( – a hub for eCommerce extensions were also launched during the timespan.

The Road Ahead

Contus is on an expansion mode. The company which started with 7 people on board is now 250+ tech professionals strong. It has forged business relationships across 40+ countries. In the process, Contus also established offices in Sunnyvale, CA and Atlanta, Georgia.