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Do you need a Proxy Server for the browsing in secret?


Proxies are widely used in the virtual world, the Internet. Of the various activities undertaken using a proxy website, they can all be categorized into four broad categories. We will discuss them one by one for you. The use of this proxy is the most popular thing that is often done by the letters.

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If you are playing or using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others, you can use a proxy for additional security. One can not find your original IP address, so you can be a little protected from the virus injection directly or indirectly.

Proxy Server

By using a proxy, then you will get a higher security because your IP is masked by a proxy server to serve you. In addition, you can keep browsing social networking in the office despite the prohibitions and restrictions connection. You can safely browse because your boss will not catch you unless your boss is peering behind you. Of course, businesses can always use proxies too. Some businesses make use of proxies to prevent staff from visiting certain websites, ensuring that staff can only visit websites that they need to. Perhaps more businesses should consider visiting to get a proxy.

This is because the IP address of your proxy will make you hard to find someone else because they will track the location of your confusion browsing the Internet.

Proxy function is used for the purposes of browsing in secret

A natural thing and must be done on the internet is always maintaining the confidentiality of IP addresses, especially for those who have a static IP or not fickle like ADSL customers. It can keep your computer safe from malicious attacks. By using a proxy, you can browse the internet in secret without being noticed by the admin website that you visit.

Admin usually puts up a website visitor counter program in which there are tools to record the IP address of the visitor. If there is an admin of bad faith, then he can use the list of IP addresses to steal important data, spreading viruses/trojans, spyware, and so forth. If you use a proxy, it is recorded by the visitor counter is your proxy IP only.

Reasons to Buy Proxies and What to Consider When Choosing Proxy a Service

You will be safe from the possibility of such malicious attacks. Security experts advise you to use this app while looking for the files on the website are considered dangerous. Many users are still using the original IP address to browse the internet in a long time. I hear these are popular in corporate intranet solutions.

Proxy Server

It was a dangerous mission because we visit a website that is not necessarily secure and maybe it is owned by the cracker who has malicious intent. Withthe help of proxy server will give you a secondary IP address that can be alternated according to which the proxy server you use. With the IP address that changed, then your activities on the Internet will not be able to detect other people. You also can surf safely and comfortably.

Who Needs Proxy server?

So, With the proxy server, you can hide your identity and anonymous surf online, and we highly recommend you use the proxy server when,

  • School blocks some websites.
  • Workplace blocks some websites.
  • You don’t want to leave electronic fingerprints behind.
  • You are paranoid about security.
  • You frequently use public PCs.
  • You don’t want my spouse knowing what I do on the Internet.